2 sept. 2010

'Translating Europe' - Halma 2010 conference

April 15-19, 2010

This year's HALMA conference on "Translating Europe" was dedicated to 'New European Neighbours' and took place between April 15 - 19, 2010, on the Danube between Bulgaria and Romania, at the Elias Canetti Center in Ruse and the Culture Port in Cetate.

Focussing on the translation of small languages, a workshop on translation took place in Ruse with two Bulgarian authors and translators with Bulgarian as source language. On April 16 there was be a presentation on cultural management in the new EU member states, and a public reading with Kristin Dimitrova. The reading was the opening event of the Literary Spring Salon 2010, organized by the International Elias Canetti Society.

On April 17 the HALMA members continued the second half of their meeting and project work on a boat on the Danube and in Cetate.

The "Translating Europe" conference is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Central European Initiative (CEI).

Audio link:
Discussion: "Cultural management in the new EU member states - the examples of Bulgaria and Romania. Developments, Changes, Achievements" - Part I, 16th of April 2010

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