19 aug. 2010

about the foundation

At an auction in 1996, the Mircea Dinescu Poetry Foundation acquired the administration building of a former agricultural port on the Danube. That’s how that deserted place started being transformed into the Cetate Cultural Port, where residence programmes for writers and artists, translation workshops, film-makers’ conventions and pottery camps brought together people from all over Europe and somehow managed to succeed each other most naturally, without a trace of panic or institutional pressure. The very remoteness of the place is beneficial both for artists in search creative solitude and for those who, having gathered at the river, feel inclined to concentrate on the topics they share.

Throughout the years, the Foundation has cooperated with the Goethe Institute, the LCB, the Swedish Institute and the Romanian Cultural Institute. Symbolically enough, the first vessel to drop anchor in the port after a 50-year break, was packed with the artists taking part in the project L’Odysee du Danube 2007.

Since 2006, Culture Port Cetate is a member of Halma, a network of European literary houses which now has 26 members in 23 countries.

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